pocl: ARM Chromebook: enable Khronos ICD Loader

.. so I assume some of you bravehearts would’ve tried the earlier post about getting pocl to work on an ARM chromebook. I mentioned there that initially, –disable-icd is a better option.

In this post, I’ll outline how to get Khronos ICD Loader working with pocl (thanks to [1])

[Assumptions: my pocl directory is ~/code/pocl; and I unpack khronos ICD loader into ~/code/icd – please adjust according to your environment]

  • Download and unpack the Khronos ICD Loader from here: http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/
  • Connect CL headers from the include directory of your pocl working area (eg ~/code/pocl/include) [2], to the ‘inc’ directory in the location where you unpacked
    • Either copy:
      • cp -rf ~/code/pocl/include/CL ~/code/icd/inc
    • OR, you could create soft link as well, like this:
      • cd ~/code/icd/inc; ln -s ~/code/pocl/include/CL . 
  • CD to the icd loader directory [eg ~/code/icd], and apply a patch thus:
    • patch -p1 < ~/code/pocl/tools/patches/khronos-icd-loader.patch
  • Build it with ‘make’
  • Copy the loader to a library search path:
    • sudo cp bin/libOpenCL* /usr/lib

Now, you should be able to tell the pocl build system to allow overriding the ICD search path with OCL_ICD_VENDORS environment variable like this:


Now you can adapt your pocl configure to –enable-icd 🙂

Happy pocl’ing!

[1]: http://pocl.sourceforge.net/docs/html/development.html#khronos-icd-loader

[2]: make sure you connect the pocl CL headers *only*; the others don’t seem to work for me


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